Rhein Fils history

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Rhein Fils was founded in 1913 in St. Imier Switzerland, in the middle of the Swiss Watch Valley in the north-western part of Switzerland.

Since over 100 years, Rhein Fils has a clear dedication to supreme quality and exclusive design. Its experienced team of handcrafters and designers are fully living the Rhein Fils passion and make every Rhein Fils product an exclusive accessory for the demanding clientelle.

Up to today, all products from Rhein Fils are made in the traditional "Maroquinerie" way which uses more than 50 different working steps to complete a single Rhein Fils product.

The brand the Rhein Fils is produced furthermore by Braloba AG. Since the 1st of January, 2018 the distribution occurs through the Hug Uhrband AG.

We are a family enterprise that devotes with passion and commitment to deliver you with watch straps in designs and dimensions. We satisfy your requests. To have a excellent quality is our heart as company. 

Manuel Hug, Gino Hug, Severin Hug (von links).

Manuel Hug, Gino Hug, Severin Hug (from the left)

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